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phoenix's soul

(2/2) (chappie 4 )



“what?, this village is fool of crazy people” he put the woman down and said “ if the time comes and still I won’t find the girl, I vow to myself, I’ll burn this village and you! YOU WILL BE PUNISH LIKE YOU’RE A CRIMINAL WHO DO THE OFFENSE OF HIGH LAWS, I shall cut your head off, and tear you into a pieces honorably on my own hands”


“So, you are her ghameq” a very mysterious woman interrupt


“Who are you? Why you do know about this things” the king ask


“I am Ammunit, my king…I am her friend, I saw her mark just an hour ago, yes, she was scared about the gossip, I know about this thing because I am also a fateh, this is my mark” the girl explain as she show her mark to the royal persons


“You’re Ata’s light? Ata you know about this?” the king ask the prince


“I am sorry my king but I don’t know my light either until now” the prince answer


“You don’t know who your light is? What if she turn eighteen, you will surely die or something”


“My life isn’t that important”


“For me, you’re important”

“Gratitude, my king”


“Nice to meet you, ammunit, this is Ata, your ghameq” the king introduce


“Pleasant to meet you prince Ata and it’s my honor to have you as my ghameq”


“Thank you, huh... you wear like a healer? Or something?” the prince ask


“Yes, I am a villager healer; I use my fateh’s power to heal people”


“That’s nice, ahm…huh…ahm…I mean your beau—ti-ful” the prince stutter


But the woman just giggle,” thank you” but king just find it irritating so he interrupt them both,


“Well, Ata, I am glad you found your ‘FATEH’ but MINE is still LOST and it’s OUR problem, so let’s go, we still NEED to find her”


“Yes… my king” the prince immediately get the hint


“I want you to command many soldier to find this group of bandits, and find my light, burn any village if you think, it’s a village of bandits, kill everyone except if you found something that caught your eye”


“Yes, my king” he said as they went outside the house


“But, look my king, my light is so beautiful, I like her much, I want to be with her, maybe yours, too you’re going to love your fateh too” the prince tease


“I doubt it Ata, you know it hard to find any girl to my liking… even in noble’s daughters”

“well, I guess I remember you told me, that your light looks like an angel right’ and you even told me  about this soul mate thing  well you’re in love with her before so why not now?” the king began to blush but manage to stay firm


“I am not in love, I just ---ahm…I—like her innocent looking, yeah that’s it, and beside I haven’t seen her for almost seven year Ata and I am sure she won’t look that innocent anymore”


“What if she’s still, my king, I bid 10 pieces of gold, if we find your light, you’ll be in love with her”


“Even you well make it 15, still I won’t fall for her”


“Don’t be too sure; my king” the prince said it smirking


*end of flashback*


“Don’t be too sure” the prince thought it smirking as his memories rang on his mind about that day “well I guess I won again”


The prince walk towards the shade part of the garden and try find something odd. But back to the chamber, the healer feel ease as the poison was successfully out from the body of the king, but still she need to redevelop the weaken part of the system of the king, her limit was almost on her edge, her power almost deteriorate as she use all her force to take the poison out and now she is almost exhaust of all her magic, and healing power, but they were brought up when 


“I can lend you help” a strange, person appears on the window they rattle and the magician become more cautions and he begun to prepare his magic to protect his family and his king


“Who are you, are you the one who did this to our king” the magician said it firm


“don’t be to jumpy, magician Thoth I am just a friend of your king, the king of thieves, sutekhi” he said as he walk pass Thoth and he raise his hand and the body glow in incredible light “there, now it’s your turn” he face the healer and again he open his palm and the healers body glow, the magician was about to attack when the healer stop him


“Stop Thoth”


“Why, are you alright, are hurt or something did he do something to you my beloved?” the magician ask worriedly


“I am fine, more than just fine, its seem my force were renew” the healer said as he hold the magician


“Are you sure mother?” he’s asked and he gives a glared death to the stranger


“Yes, my child I am fine”


“Well this is getting tasteless, I need to go now” the stranger said


“Wait, I guess I know your true identity” she bowed “thank you, I know you’re not as what you proclaimed to be, but thank you”


The magician and his son just stare and gasped and about to ask when suddenly the stranger disappear into a thin air


“Who was that?”


“I will tell you, who he was, after we are sure that the king is now alright”

“Ok, I guess I have to wait”


When the stranger disappear on the other room, he transfer himself in the other room were the girl was place,


“Now it’s your turn” again he opens his palm and renews the vitals of the girl and slowly the girl open her eyes then the girl slowly blink her eye and stare at the stranger


“Who are you, are you the one who did that to the king? To alim?” Ai-ka ask


“Why would everyone point out that I did that to the king, surely I am the king of thieves but, I am not traitor” sutekhi is now a bit annoyed


“I am sorry, but you seemed to be like one, by the way who are you?”


“Well, I am your lover’s friend, sutekhi, and I am here to tell something important” Now Ai-ka’s blushing a bit harder as he heard the stranger called the king as her lover, but she try to manage to ask the man


“We—well wh-at important thing that you want to tell” she spoke it hard as her blushing shyness almost got her


“well, I am here to tell that there are some traitors, some of them blend with the people who  truly loyal and trustful, some are clearly shown, some are friends and trusted, some were just someone but you have to be careful as you are the king’s weakness and his strength, weakness because you hold his life and this enemy of the king will aim you to get advantage towards the king, as we all know the king is powerful to face but he has a slight weakness and it is you, but even you’re his weakness you’re his strength too, you can give him strength and power with your own, or courage with your love… so you have to be careful, don’t trust anyone if you have a bad feeling about them” he said and then he vanished


“Wait? Where are you?” she tried to find the man but found nothing, “what a weird guy, hmmmm… traitors? Who could that be? Weakness and strength? More puzzle to me? I can think about it later I must check on the king on how if his alright”


She decide check the pharaoh if he’s alright now, while Ata was still patrolling and still smirking on his thoughts about he won two times on their deal




“It’s not about the chili right Ania?” the prince ask

“Yes, mother, I know it’s not about chili” Aneb ask


“well, I told you both the king doesn’t want to eat spicy foods, but you force him to do so, now look what have you done” the healer joke the both young teens


“Ania, please tell us the truth” the prince insist


But before she answer, she giggle “ alright, maybe it’s because of his other half, maybe his other have a like what  in danger, but for now we don’t really know”


“ANIA, please called some Scribes, I want to send message” the king said as he woke up, having high temperature fever


“My king” the three said in unison


“What is it my king that you want to have your scribes? What’s wrong my king?” his healer said


“My king; please tell me it’s not about the chili that you were sick? Please tell me cousin” the prince asked


“well, yes it about the chili so please don’t make me ate spicy foods again” he lied “Ania, I sense something will happen to her, I feel the sting in my birthmark, I felt something force or bad omen will happen to her, I need to send her family a message that I need to take her this early before it’s too late, I felt that someone will take her away”


“Something will happen? Okay my king, I shall called the scribes and let the man carry your message to their village” the healer called the scribe right away and the scribe wrote the message that the pharaoh wants to be written, and after the message was send by the messenger with the fastest horse to make sure that; that the same day the recipient must obtain and read the message 

The message have said there that he need to take the girl that early, he felt something bad will happen, he will order some men to fetch the girl three days from now, and they must make sure everything is alright…


The king felt ease when he heard his message was send, he really felt something would really happen if won’t make it on time


“Are you in love with your light my cousin?” his cousin was the only person left on his room


“Huh? No… why?”


“Well you want her that early”


“I feel something Ata, you? You’re a ghameq too didn’t you feel anything like this?”


“Nope? Maybe your just missing your light, I really remember you told me she looks like an angel”


“Well yes before, I don’t know now? She look so cute before” the king blush even he’s already red because of his fever


“heheehe… that’s why you like to see her that early?”


“No, Ata it’s true, I feel something”

“Ok... Hmmm… let me guess if your light stay here, you want her to be your ‘pleasure slave, take her, devour her, and kiss her” the prince tease the king with actions,


“snapped it out Ata, you know I hate sex slave or pleasure or any perverted woman only care for body, and beside I know I won’t fall for her” he became serious “if something happen to my light and me, as well, please take over the throne and avenge our death, please Ata”


“yes I will, of course my cousin I will and about the girl I’ll make bid for it, 20 coins of gold; you will make her your sex slave to make her yours…” a smug face was too visible on the prince face and then he turn his face to sad expression  “go to sleep alim, you need to rest, and I will lead some men to fetch her, your SOUL MATE, heheehehh” he tease with a sad smile


“Cut it out” he said


The night come but the king was awoken by his dreams, he know something will really happen so even he felt terrible, he force himself to stand and wear his cloak to disguise himself, and he went to Ata,


“My king? You wear like foolish my king, and its midnight, what you want?” the prince said drowsily


“we have to go Ata, and now, come get your cloak and we will ride and leave so we will arrive there exactly after lunchtime” Ata take his cloak and they manage to get a horse and be out of the gate before he ask


“Where we going?”


“To the village of amaranth”


“Your light’s village? I thought you will just order men and it should be on the next, next, next day?


“I felt the sting getting stronger and—OOUCH...” he was cut off with a sudden pain on his birthmark


“Cousin, are you alright are you sure, you want to go there, you seem not able to do it”


“No, I have to…I need to protect my light, I need to rode their before it’s too late”


The two rode on the road for hours, even they make lot of stop as the king pain worsen more and more, but still they make it, it was almost lunchtime but they were suddenly stop by agonizing pain the king felt


“My king, please tell me your okay”


“Ah...Ah... Ata it hurts, I can hold on, this pain is too much, my birthmark stings like a force or something really feeding my strength,” and suddenly


“It’s gone”



“The pain is gone; well let’s go now before it will be back”


 they arrive in the village they saw something was happening, there were commotion and shouting, they can hear some shouted ““Are you sure she ran this way”

“I am certain of it “ and after they can hear shouting like “kill her, kill her, and she a witch” but they choose not to mind the commotion as they were there for the girl not some weird witch problem but suddenly the pain again is back and it seem his KA, was drained or his power have been used and he felt so weak and he fainted almost an hour , when he woke up the commotion was gone and they decide to go on , to the house of the girl


“You faint my lord, I think you really like that girl because even you don’t feel well you force yourself”


“It’s not about that Ata, I feel ok, when I faint I feel something draining my power, or as if someone was using my powers and almost push to my limits, I don’t know, it seem I was place on danger situation and I was  forceful use my power without focusing, that what I felt’


“You are crazy my lord”


They stop on the front of the door and hear someone was crying inside,


“They have to let go of her, they knew this time well come”


“But you can really blame them, she was her daughter their family then you just junk out her and take somewhere else”


“I know let’s just knock” the king knock the door and a crying woman open, she gasped before she begun to cry


“My lord, she’s gone” cries more


“Gone? What do you mean about she was gone”


*end flashback*


The prince was cut off of his thought as he heard something near the swamp

He prepare himself, and take his sword, he prepare his magic as he went near the swamp, and there he found the man, hiding wearing a black hooded cloak covered half face


“Who are you? Are the one who did that to our king” he shouted but his palm was already with his fireball, prepared and ready to fire


“Oh… it’s the foolish prince, son of a slave, yes… I am the one, what will you do? Kill me, haahahahah” the man also prepare his fireball and they went on circle watching their enemy with glares, and then ata was the first one to strike, he fire the form fireball on his palm and he quick tap his power with shadow as a ghameq, to make it even more stronger, it was night so his power was even stronger, the shadows follows his focus on forming any sharp or offense fires and he also used his sword and he manage to cut the left leg of the enemy even his enemy try to shield himself from the attacks the prince release, the enemy uses his earth element to shake the ground but ata just dodge and fire a huge form fire, the opponent was out focus as he use his all strength to shield the huge fireball when the prince ran rush toward him and his sword covered with shadow KA, place on the neck of the opponent


“Who order or command you to kill our king, are you one of this group of bandit called kemosiri? What is your purpose, on taking the kings light and why you want the king killed, and where are the others?”


“heheehehe… yes I am with that group but I won’t tell our purpose nor who command us to do this things” he said


“Then I shall kill you”


“you can’t kill me” then the man breath a fire that the prince try to dodge but when he dodge the man was gone, he manage to escaped


“DAMMIT!!!”  His anger rose, and he shot some shadow form ball into the wall and the part where it touch vanish into the thin air


“My prince, are you alright?” the vizier and the other council came as they heard the their fight but they were too late


“Vizier Uab, where have you been?” the prince ask as he manage to remember when the commotion was going the vizier was missing


“I went home to my family prince, then council Kamewati send me a message about this commotion and I ran just in time I heard the fighting’s and the other council saw me


“Yes, my prince I send him a message and we saw him rushing when we also heard the fight, what happen my prince” the high priest Kamewati proves the adviser’s reason


“Well I guess, I have found the assassin and fought with him, I need to explore about this gather some information, and I want it tomorrow” the prince command


“Yes sire”


 The council was about to leave the prince caught on eye on the left leg of the high priest and he called


“Priest Kamewati, why do you have a cut on your left leg” he asked

But the priestess giggles and answers the prince


“he almost kill his self “giggle “because I shouted when I saw a rats and he came running and the soldiers too holding his sword, they stumble with each other and lucky he just got that cut, the sword accidentally flew through towards him”


“Ah ok I thought, just nothing”


He thought maybe he was the man, but when the priestess answer and it seem she was not lying when he saw the reaction of the priest like he was annoyed with the priestess, he erase that idea, he command the council to go back to their work and try to collect information about the group then he decided to check the king

When he went to the chamber he find Ai-ka a bit dizzy but she manage to walk


“Are you now alright Ai-ka?” Ai-ka looks on the person who called her


“My prince, yes Ata, I am fine, how about the king?”


“I still don’t know, I went to look the suspect, when I found, Dimmit he escaped, but I vow to the gods of kemet, I shall let him pay”


“I know you will find him again, let go inside and ask Ania, if the king is alright”


They knock and Ania came open, she gasped and pleasantly glad to see ai-ka was now alright


“Is the king alright? He won’t die right? He’s out of danger now?” Ai-ka ask


“If you’re alright now, I think the king is now just resting and later soon he will wake up”


“Huh? Me? Ok if you say so, Ania, I wa—want...a…eh…”


“What is it? I guess you want to help me taking care of the king?”


She nod, and blushing


“Ok, and you my prince, what happen to your searching did you find the man who were the responsible for this?


“I want you and you too Thoth, in private”


“Ok, my prince” answered the magician walking towards them

“Well I am bit of tired too, I guess I have to walk out too, please take care of the king Ai-ka” Aneb said


“Ok I will Aneb” Ai-ka answered


The four people when out the room and Ai-ka was left behind with the king

When they were out they were talking about the man, they don’t want let Ai-ka hear any so they other get the hint


“So did you find him my prince?” the healer asked

“Yes, I find him, we fought in the king private garden near the swamp and I almost got him but he manage himself to escape”


“Do think, this man is with the group who kidnap the king’s light” the magician ask


“yes, he’s with the group called kemosiri, I try to ask them what’s their purpose but he told nothing, and he breath a fire and manage to escape”


“I think, they know about the connection between the two, and they want to kill the king, by killing Ai-ka, but this time, I think they have a mistaken objective instead of ai-ka the king was the one who was hit, “the healer speak her idea’s


“Maybe you’re right Ania, but what is their purpose on killing the king, and who were this people? And I have a feeling one of them is inside the palace, blending, and maybe we have traitors inside the council, they are only few who knew, about their connection and the place where she live, I guess we should be cautious about the people around us”


“Traitors? Are sure?” aneb ask


“yes, traitors, I can sense someone in our council giving information, you Aneb, guard Ai-ka, and don’t worry if the king will got jealous on you, I’ll be the one to talk him about that thing, Thoth and Ania I know I can trust you both, we have to do, some searching about this group and who’s behind this things and who’s the traitors, and we need to be secretive about this”


“Yes my prince” they said in accord


And they both go in separated ways, as thoth went to the sacrament chamber

And the healer when to the healing room with aneb, and Ata went to the royal library and trying to search more information, while ai-ka was left alone


“Alim, I hope you’re going to be ok now” she took some towel and began wiping the sweat of the king when she heard the king whisper in his dream


“ai-ka,ai-ka” twisting a bit


Unknown to the king that the name he whispered was listening to him, because he was still caught upon his dreams…




“Even you well make it 15, still I won’t fall for her”


“Don’t be too sure; my king” the prince said it smirking


They were about to leave when the woman ran toward them


“Wait, my king , if you found someone, ask her name her name”


When he heard it the king stop and try to listen and he ask


“What’s her name, sakura?”

“Your light’s name sire” she cry “Ai-ka, my little one”


“Ai-ka” and he smile “little one”


*end of flashback*


“Ai-ka” then his eye slowly crack open, when he saw the girl his light he immediately hug her as the woman hug him back


When Ai-ka notice the sweat on the king face she climb onto the bed and wipe the sweat when the eyes of the man slowly crack open and then just a second she found herself strong arms hold her, warmly and she hold back as warm as he hold her and she heard the king say


“Ai-ka, little one I finally found you”


Then it seem the time stop as they savor the warm of each other’s arms, before Ai-ka giggle as the king start brushing her hair and kissing her head, as he smell the sweet apple scent of Ai-ka while Ai-ka devouring all the scent she likes, the scent of cinnamon and rose petal, before she ask


“Found me?”


“Hmmm…” still stiffing the scent of Ai-ka when he remember something “your mother was worried about you, she cry a lot”


“Okaa-san?” she immediate stare at the king


“Okaa-san? I thought your mother’s was sakura?”


“Silly” she giggles “okaa-san means mother, and yes her name is sakura, how did you know? And when did you last saw her, is she okay?”


“Hmmm… I know her since I was young, and the last time I saw her it was five year ago, when I came to your house to pick you up. But I was late, too late, I am sorry”


“You went there, so it’s true you were looking for the person with birthmark? And you know her when you are young?”


”I am not looking for anybody especially just to kill, and I am not looking for someone I already know where she lives, and I know your mother because of this” he let ai-ka see his birthmark and girl gasped and eye wide in realization


“You’re my yami? That means you went there to pick me up because I am your hikari? But I thought you went there three from the day I was taken, and who was that man who took me into the slave market? That wasn’t your man?”

“wow, for a young woman, you have a lot of questions, first I don’t know what yami and hikari is, second I went there early than three day because I fear something will happen to you, but I was still late, and about those men, they weren’t my men, and I have a feeling, who hit me instead of you was one of the person who took you that day” he answered


“Oh, I really thought it’s your men, that’s why I am afraid of you when I first came here”


“So, that your reason?”


“yes, before they took me into the slave market they told me that they have an order to kill me, but they took pity on me, so they give me to that man, a man who handle the slaves, and next they give me to the other until the last master I was in was the master who lives in el kulna, the place where you saw me, but all of them told me you want to kill me”


“Hmmm… still scared of me now?”


“No, now that I know you’re my yami of course not”




“Ah, yes yami is ghameq in your language and hikari is fateh”


“Ah, yami is shadow, hikari is light, okaa-san is mother and the word I really hate kirai means I hate you”


The woman giggle and she plays with his nose, framing the tip and


“You’re trying to learn my language right?” she said while staring at the lips of the king then she blush as she was shy on what she want to ask


“Can—i—ki—ki—kiss you?” she shutter so much


The king was shocked that the girl asks him if she can kiss him. Hell no, everyone knows how happy the king will be if the girl kiss him so why need to ask “ofcour-“ but he was cut off when two lips smashed onto his own, he was more shock when the girl slide her tongue pleading for entry, so the king granted her request and the girl savor the taste of sweetness


‘I think I loved him, yes… I love him’ she taught and king was also thinking the same thoughts she has ‘Ata is right, I guess he won, I’m in love with my light, I love her’ and then they enjoy the taste of kisses as they kiss and kiss again repeatedly


But on the different place


“Sutekhi, I heard you failed guarding the two chosen” a deep boom voices said


“I am indeed repentant RA, but next time, I’ll make sure they will be together safe and sound”


“Yes, next time you need to do your job well, and so I paired you with her” and the a rebel looking long hair woman came out


“Use the name sakhment, and disguise yourself”

“Yes, RA, I do my best to protect them as your eye and hears I know I can do this job well than he can do” the woman said as he stare at the man


“You have been joking RA. If she will be out on the grounds, she just makes chaos to everything” sutekhi said


“It’s not my problem it’s your problem”






Ai-ka and Alim: (still busy kissing)


Anne: (clear my throat) hmm no responds, well guys I think Ai-ka and Alim is busy making out


We need to find someone to do the closing


(walk towards some dimension)


Anne: hello, God Ra




Anne: wow, your voice Is loud, ahm could you do the closing


RA: ( adjust his voice) of course I can


On the next chapter of phoenix’s soul: welcome to my palace


Who were the traitors, did the group called kemosiri knew there connection to one another, what their purpose, and this sutekhi is he really connected to me, the god of Egypt Ra, so who is this guy really is, we will know on the next chapter of phoenix’s soul


Title: phoenix’s soul


Volume title: pharaoh’s heart




Chappie 1: the pharaoh and the slave


Chappie 2: dream of past


Chappie 3: heated kiss


Chappie 4: intertwine fates


Chappie 5: welcome to my palace


Thank you for reading my story,


To be continued on the next chapter: welcome to my palace 

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